Left Bank Art Gallery

Left Bank Art Gallery

Mildred Huie Wilcox, President and Gallery Director



(1906 – 1999)


Born in Augusta, Georgia, September 1, 1906, Mildred Weigle Nix was born into a family whose love of the humanities encouraged her to major in Latin and minor in Greek during her collect years.  Her maternal grandfather was John Michael Weigle who was one of the founders of the Augusta Chronicle. Moving to Savannah, Georgia, she lived next door to Johnny Mercer and was a member of the first Girl Scout Troop with Juliet Gordon Lowe. All of these highlights of her early childhood were the catalysts of her love of history, art and all of the humanities. She attended Shorter College in north Georgia and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Classical Education from Florida State University. She married John Carlton Huie in 1928 and had three children, Mildred, Carlton, and John. Before moving to St. Simons Island, Georgia she lived in Albany where she managed WALB Radio, TV, from 1941 to 1953. She founded the first art association in 1947 and she was named Albany’s Woman of the Year in 1950 for her efforts to establish an Easter Seal Rehabilitation Center and Junior College in Albany which now the Darton College whose directors would like to have this same exhibit shown in Albany at some point. She established the Left Bank Art Gallery in 1962, the first art gallery in the Golden Isles with Shella Morton, Selma Shelander, and Marja Albright.


She studied with Constantine Chatov, Lionella Massa in Rome, Italy, and John Crane in England. Mrs. Huie’s paintings are described by Leo Castelli as “delightful, professional, and painted with deep feeling.” Her daughter, Mildred Huie Wilcox and her late son-in-law Robert G. Wilcox took over the operation of the Gallery in 1966. While Mrs. Huie studied with many important artists her distinct impressionist style evolved from “her own profound perception of the unique properties of the coastal landscape, “Mrs. Wilcox said.


Permanent collections of Mrs. Huie’s work are at Shorter College where she had two one-woman shows, Brenau College and Juliet Gordon Lowe, Savannah. In this area, here largest collection is at the Cloister Hotel, Sea Island, where she gave art lessons, painted the beautiful gardens, and had program on art history and the beauty of the area. Other collections are at Coastal Georgia Community College, Epworth by the Sea, Darien Telephone Company and in many other private and corporate collections.


Charles Osgood of CBS and his crew visited St. Simons Island to tape a feature of Mrs. Huie and her life-sized sculptures for the CBS Evening News. Her dolls at one time became as collectible as her paintings.  Today, her daughter, Mildred Huie Wilcox, is still trying to carry on her Mother’s “doll business.”


The past plays a resounding and often haunting theme in much of the work of this artist historian. The beauty of the present is perfect combination to the subject matter of the past in all of Mrs. Huie’s work. Mildred Nix Huie said, “I find my place in the past combined with the vision of the future makes the perfect combination.”


Mrs. Huie’s original paintings and sketches are on display en permanence at the Mildred Huie Plantation Museum at Mediterranean House: 1819 Frederica Road, St. Simons Island, Georgia 31522.  Telephone: (912) 638-3057.  Visit the Museum’s website at www.LandmarkScenes.com or on www.Facebook.com.